While staying in the coastal village of Santa Catalina, I did a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Coiba National Park. Through a local company called Watching Dolphin, they took our group of about 15 travellers for the day. The excursion was $60 USD + $20 USD park entrance per person. From Santa Catalina, we took a speed boat for about 1.5 hours to get to the park. Watching Dolphin included all of the snorkelling gear, lunch on one of the islands in the park, and 3 snorkel locations with a guide.

While snorkelling in the park, I got to see a lot of colourful fish, some sea turtles and sharks. There are lots of dolphins to see breaching the surface. One of the stops that we made was on Isla Ranchería which is a great spot for some beach time. In Coiba, there are 38 islands to explore.